Tail-Gator Big Boy

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The Tail-Gator Big Boy can be used to carry up to 2000lbs in the form of a UTV. The Tail-Gator Big Boy provides a wide variety of advantages over other ATV hauling equipment, and it is the best choice for ease of driving in rugged terrain, allowing you to go places you wouldn't even consider with a conventional trailer. That alone makes the Tail-Gator the Sportsman's best choice.

The Tail-Gator Big Boy is for 1 or _ ton trucks with 2 or 4 wheel drive that have a 2" receiver with a height between 17" and 21". ½ Ton trucks that have heavy duty suspension or towing packages may also be able to use this unit; please contact us directly to ensure your ½ ton truck can handle the Tail-Gator Big Boy.  

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