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Welcome! Thank you for your interest in joining the Tail-Gator Carrier Dealer Network! If you are looking for a great opportunity to sell a new and innovative product that will also make you stand out from the competition, then you have come to the right place! Offering the Tail-Gator Carrier as an alternative to trailers will "Wow!" your customers. The Tail-Gator Carrier is its own best advertisement, and when people see them they will practically sell themselves!


So what advantages would you have as a dealer?


The uniqueness of the product will draw clients to you instead of the competition. The interest factor alone may bring in potential customers to your store, and increased traffic means increased sales, and not just for the Tail-Gator Carrier but for other products as well.


Tail-Gator Carrier margins are inline with standard margins for accessories that are much higher than those of conventional trailers. Many dealers don’t carry trailers, or carry them simply as a convenience to customers because there is no justifiable margin. Not so with the Tail-Gator Carrier, it is priced to be attractive to customers but also to make it worth your efforts to stock and sell them.


Assigned Sales Territories make sure you are not in constant competition with a dealer next door or this web site! In an almost unheard of dealer incentive, dealers get a percentage of all sales delivered in their assigned area. Any sales produced from your assigned territory, will pay a commission to you. So if a customer sees the product at your store but then decides to think about it and buys online, you still get paid. If a customer just buys online and gets his Tail-Gator Carrier delivered in your area you still get paid even if they have never heard of you. This means that you will not be competing against the website for retail sales. We are committed to generating sales for our dealers as they help promote this innovative product.


Part of the initial purchase package includes a stand to display your Tail-Gator Carrier! This sturdy stand will allow you to display the Tail-Gator Carrier without committing a vehicle to the process and allows for the functional use to load and unload vehicles on the Tail-Gator Carrier with the stand.


Being able to offer a quality alternative product with the profitability you need and deserve makes the Tail-Gator Carrier a great product to add to your line up!


So you’re ready to become a dealer and experience what the Tail-Gator Carrier can do for you? Well, the next step is just a click away. We've put an online form here for you to sign up to get a personal call to discuss becoming a dealer. It only takes a few minutes, and once you submit it to us, we'll have someone contact you to discuss the next steps.

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