About TailGator

What happens when your passion for hunting collides with the need to more easily load and transport four-wheelers without the use of traditional trailers?

Well, you get the inception of the Tail-Gator Carrier.

Like many other sportsmen, Dan Fowler and Dean Gordon had their share of unpleasant experiences dealing with trailers.  The tires, axles, lights and tags caused headaches they didn’t want.   So, the two of them started working on an idea that would make their hunting trips more enjoyable.  A few sketches later, they had the initial drafts of the Tail-Gator Carrier.

Many improvements and modifications have been made since that first prototype model was welded together in 2003.  And now, 10 different models of the Tail-Gator Carrier are available to the general public through this website.

Tail-Gator Carrier’s patented design is the most Innovative means for ATV loading and transport.  It is the culmination of years of welding, manufacturing and the love of the great outdoors.

About The Founders

Dan M. Fowler
Dan has over 30 years of welding and fabrication experience which enabled the creation of the original prototype.  He is the owner of ABC Welding & Railing in Fort Walton Beach, Florida and is also the CEO / President of D & D Developers, Inc., the manufacturer of Tail-Gator Carriers.

Dean A. Gordon
Dean has a talent for visualizing concepts and ideas that enhance the overall hunting experience.  His ideas and vision were the inspiration for the Tail-Gator Carrier.  He is a partner in a vinyl siding company in Fort Walton Beach, FL for over 10 years and is also the Vice President of D & D Developers, Inc., the manufacturer of Tail-Gator Carriers.


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